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Cancer Support Program: Cost Savings

For payers, the costs associated with cancer are accelerating at an unsustainable pace. The Cancer Support Program (CSP) addresses quality and cost of care through proactive patient support by a team of oncology experts, improving quality of care while reducing costs.

The Average Cost of Cancer Treatment

The statistics on the price tag for cancer health care are staggering. Click on the following links for the latest statistics for the annual cost of cancer and more valuable information:

American Cancer Society: Economic Impact of Cancer

National Cancer Institute: Cancer Statistics

Proven Savings

CRS helps payers manage their cancer costs by providing contractual discounts and realizing cost avoidance savings. When using health care providers that participate in the Optum Cancer Centers of Excellence network, payers receive: 

  • Per diem rates that save 30%-45% on inpatient charges
  • procedure case rates for major surgical procedures in some contracts
  • Discounts of 17%-35% for outpatient and physician services
  • lower case costs due to shorter length of stay
  • Cost avoidance by reducing unnecessary and inappropriate treatment and avoiding complications

Proven Savings

CSP helps payers manage their cancer costs by providing the people, processes and platforms proven to deliver value. The program is NCQA accredited and is proven to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and chemotherapy while improving care and impacting costs at end of life:

  • CSP participants have a 10-20% lower cost than non-participants
  • CSP saves $29,000 more per participant vs. patients managed by a general case management team2
1. April 2014 UnitedHealth Center for Health Reform and Modernization estimates (website http://www.unitedhealthgroup.com/~/media/UHG/PDF/2014/UNH-The-Growth-Of-Specialty-Pharmacy.ashx).
2. Optum data analytics.