Optum offers products for complex medical conditions such as:
Chronic Kidney Disease
Congenital Heart Disease
Women's Health Services
- Neonatology
- Pregnancy


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Orthopedic Conditions:

50% of U.S. adults are affected by orthopedic conditions

83M work days are lost to back pain each year

Better Care = Better Results

$13,000 average savings per operation for participating employers

37% fewer complications for joint replacement surgeries done at a Center of Excellence

23.3% few readmissions and 3.4%-5% fewer complications for spine fusions done at a Center of Excellence



Helping manage the high cost of orthopedic surgery

The Optum Orthopedic Health Support (OHS) program provides access to surgeons and expert facilities that qualify to become part of our Centers of Excellence and accept bundled case rates for in-scope procedures to create alignment among members, employers and providers.


*The Centers of Excellence (COE) program providers and medical centers are independent contractors who render care and treatment to health plan members. The COE program does not provide direct health care services or practice medicine, and the COE providers and medical centers are solely responsible for medical judgments and related treatments. The COE program is not liable for any act or omission, including negligence, committed by any independent contracted health care professional or medical center.  Map updated on 8/9/2021.